Discover the Effectiveness of Facility Asset Management Software with Faciliteasy

Faciliteasy was built to give technicians everything to manage work on-the-go, while empowering managers with the insights to make better decisions, faster.

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Experience the convenience of Faciliteasy's facility asset management software, designed to optimise organisation of assets. It facilitates easy request submission throughout the organisation, ensuring efficient communication. The software supports unlimited users, including concurrent users, enabling broad utilisation. Furthermore, as a cloud-based solution, it eliminates the requirement for additional hardware, providing accessibility from any computer or mobile device.

A detailed record of the asset can be maintained. Each asset contains a respective profile that illustrates every information of the asset including pictures, manual guide, contact person and other relevant information required for the upkeep of the asset. Instead of visiting five different screens to perform a simple task, simple and customizable fields helps in tracking the data fields that is required.


Customizable user templates enable your team access Faciliteasy only relevant information that are related to their responsibilities. This enables protecting sensitive data and better accountability. Approved maintenance requests can be automatically assigned to the respective technician. Unnecessary calls can be reduced. Pending works can be viewed before creating and assigning a fresh work order. From assigning to fulfilling, technicians are empowered with full accountability over completion of the task.


Preventive maintenance is simple with Faciliteasy. Preventive Maintenance schedule can be easily managed with cloud-based management system. The maintenance tracking facilitates

  • Rescheduling preventive maintenance based on the completion date or within a strict time interval. An efficient maintenance tracking improves uptime of the asset.
  • Routine inspection, safety checks.
  • Equipment inspection can be standardized and any major safety issues be prevented that may rise in case of equipment failure.
  • Technicians can update completion of preventive maintenance with relevant data such as meter readings, picture, etc.


A QR code for every asset can be generated. This enables to trace the location of the asset in no time. Other details of the asset such as performance, maintenance, costs attached to the maintenance can also be viewed easily.


Reports can be generated easily on the life cycle of the asset from the date of its purchase till the disposal date. Faciliteasy enables better reporting and visibility that helps in making informed decision.


An equipment that requires repairs many be tracked easily. Tracking the asset which is under repair saves time. Transparency at every stage of repair is possible. The progress of the repair can be tracked and equipment downtime can be considerably reduced.


The process of handling the entire life-cycle of the task, right from inception to tracking the execution of the task is simplified with Faciliteasy. It helps your team track the start of the task, prioritizing task and assigning to the right people. Faciliteasy helps you oversee accountability and task completion progress.


With Faciliteasy, tracking outside vendor contracts is simple. Service contracts can be seamlessly integrated into the system. All information pertaining to the service for instance vendor contact information, the assets they are assigned to, service agreement, history of work orders can be integrated without any hassles. It helps in gaining insight about the scope of work, timeline of completion as well as the cost attached under a single platform.


Faciliteasy helps in getting an overview of asset meter readings as well as average meter reading. Hence any maintenance orders based on hours in operation or when the asset has reached its threshold of hours in operation can be initiated to prevent downtime. A calendar based preventive maintenance can be easily replaced with a runtime maintenance when meter readings are paired with Faciliteasy.


With Faciliteasy, data sharing and collaboration is easier. Data that is captured from different sources can be accessed in multiple location. File management enables to keep a history of tasks and contracts which vastly improves operating performance.

  • Manage user permission
  • Generate reports
  • Provide real time data and tracking
  • Increased visibility and security


Data collected can be transformed into management reports that helps business understand crucial information regarding the assets. The reports generated helps in efficient operation, lower costs and better productivity. Maintenance report provides information on asset inspection dates, maintenance schedules that helps in planning ahead to reduce downtime. Inventory report provides information on stock supplies, spare parts availability that helps make sure equipment are being optimally utilized. A workflow asset report helps in understanding various stages of maintenance and repairs. Audit reports provide fast and accurate data to the external auditors with the information that is required.


Faciliteasy limits user access in an effective manner. It helps in managing and monitoring user access permission. An user is allowed access to update, change or delete data based on his job responsibilities. The user activity can also be tracked to avoid any incident of data breach.